Science 9

Unit 1- Biodiversity- September 1st- October 1

In this unit you will learn that biological diversity is reflected in the range of species found in local and global environments and by subtle variations in characteristics found within individual species. 

 Sexual and asexual reproduction has now been discussed in class. Ask your student the four different types of asexual reproduction! The students should also be able to master the parts of the flower and the gametes!


DNA, what is this all about. Your student can now explain what DNA is , how to say the full word, explain meiosis and mitosis, and GM modified foods!


We are very close to having the unit exam for biodiversity. It will be late next week probably after halloween. Students should begin to review because there is plenty of content to learn.

Matter and Chemical Change

The grade nines have just been introduced to this new and exciting unit! They will experience what materials make up our earth and everything around them. Students will be introduced to the periodic table and the earth's elements. Ask your students if they can name some of the earth's elements!



Welcome to the New Year! We are now working on compounds and what makes up compounds. Your student should now be able to identify molecular and ionic compounds. We will be concluding the unit shortly. Unit test is on its way!!

Chemistry- The periodic table

Environmental Chemistry

We have just started the Environmental chemistry unit. We have recently explored the harmful effects of DDT on our environment and the possible solutions to the pollutants that exist in our world.

Electricity Unit

We are currently discovery the amazing facts about the use and implementation of electricity. We will continue this unit after Spring Break.