Social 8

Unit 1- Worldviews- The Middle Ages and Renaissance

We will be studying the effects that European society in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance have had on the world that still resonates today!

Chapter Two- The Renaissance

The grade 8 students are currently completing the review sheet for Chapter two. The test for chapter two will be this Friday. Grade eight's be prepared!

Chapter Three

The social eight students have been working on the personal biography of a main Renaissance figure. We have researching for two weeks and now the grade eights will be concluding shortly their report on their "Renaissance Man"

Age of exploration

Students are investigating various explorers and navigators of the Renaissance period. Chapters 5 and 6 in their textbook. We are very close to concluding the Renaissance and moving forward to the world of the Aztecs. The Aztec unit will be self -directed (PBL). Students will investigate the Aztec society and how it came into conflict with the Western World.

The Aztecs -Project based assignment-PBL

The students have been working in groups on discovering the ancient Aztec society and what this society had established in Mexico during the 15th century. As a PBL project the students discover on their own, how this ancient society was affected by the influence of the European and their ethnocentric views. Students will be completing this project in April.